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I offer psychotherapy for individuals and couples.

My private practice is based in Lichfield(Mondays) and in Nottingham(Fridays). The cost for individual therapy is £47 per session of 50 minutes.

I offer Supervision to therapists and trainee therapists.  As well as Supervision in Lichfield and Nottingham there is also Supervision on a Saturday in Bearwood, Birmingham, both group and individual supervision is available.  Cost is £42, or £37 for trainees.

I work throughout the day and last appointments are around the 7pm mark.

I have experience of working with a wide range of personal issues, brought to therapy by a cross section of individuals, from all walks of life; my desire is to support you in facing, dealing and managing the troubles, worries, decisions and fears that are now affecting you.

Levels of anxiety, concerns and difficulties are individual and not comparable.  Each of us face the problems and dilemmas that confront us as best we can.  This includes seeking support, and it is in this context that I offer a safe, confidential and supportive place in which therapy may aid you in your personal growth and life coping skills.

In addition to working as a psychotherapist I have also delivered Continuing Personal Development workshops for health professionals; deliver workshops for practicing and training therapists; provided Specialist Mentor support for students at Derby University – through the Wellbeing Support Service; and I am a Lecturer in Psychotherapy on the Msc in Integrative Psychotherapy programme at Birmingham City University 

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What is Psychotherapy?

There is often confusion of Psychotherapy and Counselling.  My view is that in essence both are seeking to support you.  However, psychotherapy is viewed as working to a deeper emotional depth.  This may be taken as read when you enquiry is with a psychotherapist, yet in my experience there are many counsellors who are very able to work at a deep level, yet you cannot assume this, so you need to enquire and ask questions.

Psychotherapy and counselling is not a regulated profession in the UK so I would consider it essential to ensure you look for a psychotherapist / counsellor who is registered with a professional body; the two main ones being UKCP and BACP

Through discussion and research the UK Government has leaned towards describing Psychotherapy as a profession that requires a Master's Degree of qualification and Counselling as requiring an Ordinary Degree of qualification.

That said, I am uncomfortable with a strict criteria of academic achievement in defing an individual's ability as a psychotherpaist/coundsellor.

So, what is psychotherapy?  A talking therapy; a one-to-one engagement that is a shared experience for the purpose of allowing you -the client - to understand more fully and clearly you as a person and your situation.  And the purpose of this is to support you to know more clrearly what troubles you; what properly supports you; and what you might let go of (and how you might let go)

These may include feelings of anxiety, depression, trauma, or perhaps what is perceived as the loss of meaning of one's life. Psychotherapy is a process which seeks to help you gain an increased capacity for choice, through which you become more autonomous and self-determined.

NHS UK provide a range of information relating to talking therapies:

The types of therapy


Is Gestalt Right For Me?

Elsewhere on this site you will read of my approach. There are many approaches to therapy. How will you know which is right for you? For me it was a matter of comfortableness and safety with my therapist. This I discovered through meeting my therapist.

I will check with you what your expectations and fears are around therapy. If I am not the therapist for you I am happy to recommend others, and alternative approaches for you.

In therapy it is you that is important.

Talking Therapies: This is a booklet published by the Department of Health.


I am now running workshops again, please see the workshops page for more information.

Spaces available to book with clients

I now have therapy rooms for rent. I would like to encourage trainees in particular to consider the special rates and availability at the locations listed below.

Contact me or call on 07748498431 for more information.

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