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The Historical Roots of Gestalt Therapy Theory

Rosemarie Wulf

The existential philosophers focus on the individual and are in their methodology more or less phenomenologists. Their main concern is the immediate grasp of being (what is), to meet human beings in their respective situation, where they are connected to the world and other human beings. Existence is "potentially being" (Sein-können), being constantly confronted with choices, constantly having to make decisions. Existence is free and realizes itself only in the doing. Thus the basic human experience is anxiety (M. Heidegger), existence (Dasein) is finite, it isSein zum Tode(we live to die). The essential meaning of living arises with the encounter of death. Death challenges us to live our own lives in freedom and self-responsibility

Cummings, E. E., (1971) Six Nonlectures. Antheneum, New York

... remember one thing only: that it's you - nobody else - who determine your destiny and decide your fate. Nobody else can be alive for you nor can you be alive for anyone else.