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A long time ago... far far away... STOP

Well, it was a long time ago that I worked under the banner of CBCM.  This was a time of developing a customer base that centred on providing support and delivery for implementing, changing or managing business and commercial requirements.

CBCM is Catalyst to Business and Computer Management 

CBCM, Catalyst to Business and Computer Management. No longer operational and provided the platform for much of my freelance contract work with a wide range of businesses Commercial, Manufacturing, Distribution, and Industrial.

My interests have change somewhat in these intervening years and whilst I am often faced with confusion from those expecting to make a link to my current work, there is a good deal of overlap.  Whilst not completely accurate, describing my (work) being a catalyst offers the consistent element over time and is desriptive of my current pychotherapy function as a Gestalt Therapist

CBCM is active, but not proactive.  Redirection to this page has been created as a means to give recognition to this domain.  I hold this domain with sentimentality only.

My work today is the mainsite that hosts this page click the logo:

CBCM was development out of 15 years involvement in the IT industry providing services for IT systems change and business implementation. In this time I have worked on a variety of systems and programs in a wide range of business types thus providing for

  • Experience across a wide range of Industrial, Commercial and Service sectors

  • Skilled in business development, change and implementation

  • The ability to work with personnel at all levels

Skilled as

  • Change analyst

  • Problem solver

  • Catalyst

  • Facilitator

  • Communicator

  • Trainer

  • Interface

  • Project manager


Successfully developed and implemented:

  • Networks and system operations

  • NT Server/Client Wide Area Network

  • Project Management

  • Cable installation and design

  • Administrative and system procedures

  • Financial reporting, including VAT analysis

  • IT Help Desk tracking system

  • Training, delivery and documentation

  • Team management and leadership

  • Management reporting, and structure

  • Business management systems

  • Order processing systems



Technical Brief


  • IBM Mid Range systems:  S/36: 5363 – 5360,  AS/400: Entry level – F50

  • System Migration;  Systems operations, Qsysopr and Qsecofr;  Applying PTFs; PC Emulation

  • IBM S/36 Query, including IDDU;  IBM Query/400;  Use of DFU, CL and SDA

  • IBM MAAPICS;  Chorus software;  ComPlete software

  • PC Client/Server systems;  IBM compatible systems;  Compaq, Fujitsu, unbranded

  • DOS, Win3x, Win9x, Win2000, NT Server v3.51, v4

  • Installation, configuration; PDC and BDC

  • NT Policies and security

  • MS Office applications, Exchange 5.5; CA Inoculate, Veritas Backup applications; Remote access and management software; PC Anywhere, Win/Metaframe, ODBC

  • CAD,  Workflow and Database applications

  • Legal accounts and applications

  • MS FrontPage; Dreamweaver 3

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