8 July 2020

Therapy Sessions, Covid, and Returning to Face-to-Face Working


It has been 17 weeks since the lockdown moved therapy sessions online.

At the start of the lockdown I offered the options to continue face-to-face, move to online working, or suspend work until face to face was reinstated.  I anticipate returning to face-to-face working in September.

The date I have in mind for

returning fully to face to face sessions is

14 September 2020.


The same precautions as outlined at the beginning of the lockdown remain in place:

  • I continue to take all the precautions I can to avoid infecting or being infected.

  • I am decontaminating after each person; I see using alcohol wipes and sprays(surgical spirits) and Dettol spray (the one that lists that it kills the other Corona viruses).

  • All touching surfaces are cleaned, including the chairs, handles and door bell, after I have seen anyone.


  • Press the door bell and wait for me to open the door.

  • When you enter there is hand gel available should you wish to use.

  • I will open and close doors so you need not touch any handles.


  • We will sit as usual and the distance between us will be maintained.

  • If you wish to wear your own mask please feel free to do so.


  • I will open the therapy room door and front doors for you.


  • All surfaces in the therapy room, hall and stairs are cleaned in between each client session.

  • The door bell is cleaned after each use, each day.



25 March 2020

I am confident of the precautions as I have previously laid out that allows us to meet face-to-face. The announcements these last few days leaves attending in a grey area with regard to a ‘needed event’. The announcements referred to medical needs and I would place this psychotherapy for your mental health as fitting this requirement.
I am available to meet face-to-face and also available for online meeting. Equally, should you want to suspend your sessions then you can in the knowledge your session time will be kept for you for as long as you need.
Daily activities are now much more fluid and so your time for our sessions is something you might want to move, another time or another day. Let me know if you want to do this; and you will still have your usual session time reserved for when fuller social movements are restored.
This leaves your choices open.



22 March 2020

An update from my previous message:

I want to confirm that at this time I will continue with face to face sessions and this will be reviewed regularly.

With this message I want to tell you how I am thinking about the situation whereby you or I become infected.

Should you become infected I will be available to continue online with you using WhatsApp or Skype.  This will be limited to you being well enough.  Even if you wish to have a session, if I feel you seem too poorly and need instead to rest, I will opt to postpone our time.

Should you become infected and want to stop sessions then of course I am supportive of you doing this.  Our sessions can recommence when you are ready.

The current situation may mean your income is affected and any difficulty of payment is something I want to help with, talk to me.

Should we work online, and because of the current distancing you may have alternative times you might prefer for our sessions.  Check this with me and I imagine something can be worked out.

The impact of being at home all day will impact your routines and your degree and style of ‘contacting'.  The effect might be minimal and might be big. This might be uncomfortable and provoke anxieties.  Be prepared to breathe deeply and hold back, step away, and consider what is happening to you, to those around you, and with the situation you are in.

Consider keeping to a routine. This doesn’t have to be the same as a ‘going out to work’ routine. Include rising from bed at a regular time, dressing as if you are going out, or having visitors. Keep a flexible routine for eating and avoid additional eating beyond any you already have.

Should any member of my household become infected then face to face sessions will cease and the option for online sessions will remain.

Should I become infected I will let you know as soon as I can.  In such a circumstance I will stop working completely.  

I am aware I have not talked about telephone sessions.  I am not going to move telephone sessions. However, as I have always done, I am open to short time telephone contact as needed

We are in a new and difficult situation.  Times really are a-changing and there is also much that remains consistent and concrete.

To ensure as best I can I remain free of the virus I ensure the surfaces at home and in my car are cleaned and when I am out I wear a facemask, gloves and over clothes I am able to separate and clean on returning home.  I continue to receive strange looks and there are non-positive comments aimed in my direction.  I don’t like that, however I am thinking of them, and of you, in taking these precautions.




16 March 2020


I want to give as much reassurance as I can about contamination....
I am still working face to face and want let you know I am taking all the precautions I can to avoid infecting or being infected.
For the past week I have continued to take precautions as best I can to minimise viral contamination. All touching surfaces are cleaned, including the chairs, after I have seen anyone.  So I am as confident as I can be in preventative measures. 
After each person I see using alcohol wipes (surgical spirits) and Dettol spray (the only one that lists eliminating the other Corona viruses).
I am confident these precautions are enough.
This would change, of course, should any symptoms occur.
There is the option to work over WhatsApp and if you prefer to postpone or stop sessions temporarily that's ok to do.


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