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Out of This World: Suicide Examined. Myths, Misrepresentations, and Fallacies


Prevalent current approaches and diagnoses attempt to reduce suicidality to a set of faulty behaviours, complex models of motivations and impulses, negative thoughts,

They deny or avoid the fact that suicide, as an act of killing, is underpinned by aggression turned against the self.

suicidal behaviour results from a complex interplay of factors,

Intention, feelings of entrapment, triggered by defeat/humiliation, determined by, factors that facilitate/obstruct addition, background factors (e.g., deprivation, vulnerabilities) and life events (e.g., relationship crisis),

the central features of the suicidal state: defeat, entrapment, constriction, etc., two very important aspects about suicide. 

One: that it is an unconscious act. 

Two: that it is an act of aggression. The intention is to kill the self and at the same time aggress the Other.

The real whammy in suicide, and what makes it so difficult to get hold of, is that, more often than not, the person does not know this herself. Usually her aggressive wishes are so deeply repressed, cut off, unknown, and, most important, felt to be unacceptable, that they are utterly repressed.


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