Can you see me?

Can you see me as in can you see my web page? I have found the page load too slow at times.

What to do? I have changed the front page background back to a colour rather than a dynamic image. That's got to make the page load faster I would think.

Also, though, I am 'computing' a lot of applications and currently sitting in a location that has poor internet signal. I imagine my computer Surface Pro 3 is not on top form at times. Does a reboot - or as once described to me "it needs a power recycle". I'll never forget that statement, nor who said it, nor where i was. Why? Coz it seemed such a 'power trip' (pun intended) at the time for the speaker. I might of course be wrong about that... Anyway, what this all means is I turn my Pro3 off, and the on - power recycled! or a Hard Reboot?

I bet microsoft is sending updates through....

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