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Updated: Sep 20, 2021

I have been updating my bibliography on the website today. This is an ongoing process as I have listed as much of the material as possible that has been referenced in my essays and writings.

The updates are to link each reference to its source. This will allow readers to check first hand and thus enable a honest inclusion in any academic writing that the source material has been used.

MORE SPECIFICALLY for me where the source material is a kindle text, or physical book on Amazon the link will open a new window with the relevant Amazon page. BUY from this link will earn me commission - not a lot, but a little - why not!

Where possible for journal articles I have linked to the Journal website. For the British Gestalt Journal the link will take you to the relevant journal page where you will find the option to purchase the relevant journal from which the article came. I cannot link you to the article itself, not provide a pdf copy (which I do own) as this breaks copywrite laws. :-(

Purchases are in my opinion worthwhile for anyone interested in maintaining an interest and research minded approach to the therapy work.

GO CHECK OUT MY BOOK LIBRARY (or as the url says, site bibliography) CLICK HERE

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