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Updated: Sep 11, 2018

This week I am not therapising or teaching or supervising. I'm on a break! This is a useful time for me to be exploring options and, as you might come to realise, this centres on my website development - more accurately messing around with the options available with

I realised that I had an opportunity to include links for the books and articles I mention and reference in my essays and workshops. Indeed I have learnt a new word - MONETARISE. Create an income from the links on my pages!!!!! So the "site bibliography" will link to the source document and if this is a book on Amazon, or Kindle, then any purchase will give me a percentage of the price paid.

Truthfully, I am not expecting much to come out of this... truthfully it would be great if it does produce some income :-) (I would like to insert an emoji here but don't know how or if I can...).

Anyway, I am enjoying creating the books images and links. As I create these I am thinking how I might enhance or expand the pages. I suppose I should have planned it all first and then executed the result... doesn't sound so much fun that way.

Maybe this week I'll get to actually B.L.O.G...........

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