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Updated: Sep 20, 2021

I was at the UKAGP conference last year and attended the workshop given by Martin Capp looking at releasing our inner creative writing self. Hmm, is that the workshop was about, or simply what I have taken away from the event? Clearly, my recall is the pertinent, actual point of reference...

There is a 'New Gestalt Voices' ( to encourage writing ... I haven't been brave enough to submit....

Yet, I have many 'writings' here on my website - - so I should shift gear and submit to New Gestalt Voices - shouldn't I?

Well, my resistance needs to be honoured for what it is. For me this does not mean accepting this not submitting, rather honouring the resistance is to give space and thought and curiosity to the NOT submitting part of me... Yeah, basically, a thought of being criticised - but that is historic, and certainly not those at Gestalt New Voices. Also, I am very proud of some of my writing - well poetry is what I am thinking of - and the hesitation is about some over expectation of me.

I remember when I first 'outed' my poetic expression in a group setting. There followed some assumption that I had been writing poetry all my life. I hadn't, the time could be measured in months. The assumption pressed on me. Illogical, it seems; expectation is the word that rises up again.

I don't seem to cope, or take comfort when others expect of me... so where does that fit historically? Creatively I am much more able to stay with my own expectations; in my work to my own professional standard; in my living to my own goals and ambitions. I am comfortable with all of this.

BUT, might I also be comfortable with my lack of expectations? So, I don't expect to be able to write well enough for the New Gestalt Voices, ergo I don't! There is work to do here to unburden my self doubt. I'll let you know how it goes. (one day ...)

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