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Virtual Therapy

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

The title refers to an article through LinkedIn caught my eye:

alun-charles-jones: This is likely the medium through which many future therapies, including psychotherapy, will be conducted and progress documented


I witnessed the missing element of relating that an online interaction will always fail to provide; the person to person relating that confirms their being - their being seen and acknowledged in a physical and attuned manner. As I sit here waiting to return from holiday I will relate an interaction in a small local cafe where I sat having a cup of tea.  Nearby was the cafe owner's small child watching a cartoon on the TV.  I didn't need to know the language to take in the comical nature of the cartoon.  As the scenes unfolded I smiled and then laughed at how the cartoon figure behaved.   The small child had been watching with quiet, understated, amusement and when I laughed the child became more animated, looking over, smiling and laughing.  Thereafter there was more animation and excitement in reacting to the cartoon.  In many ways online interactions the younger generation engage in are wonderfully exciting, dynamic and mentally proficient yet success and achievement cannot, in a virtual environment, include a person to person presence and response.  This gap is leading to dysfunction of the person.

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