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Terms, Conditions, Policy, and all the other qualifying stuff

ME / US has an affiliated site and the intention is to jointly share contacts.

If you wish to unsubscribe from both sites please indicate here

MARKETING = emails from me/us

When you register your interest in any aspect of or you agree to receive marketing information generated by us, and us only.  There will be no third parties involvement.  

Members and type: 

I want anyone registering for a workshop to automatically become a 'workshop member'.  I need to explore and learn if this is possible to achieve automatically - so watch this space.  MEANWHILE for workshop participants my intention is to invite membership to allow you unrestricted access to the workshop material, which his otherwise going to restricted to abstracts, summaries and the like.  The intention is to allow me to have contact emails to advertise my workshops/services and to see ways of providing articles etc...

I have created a READER membership type at the moment - I am at this point reviewing what this might achieve - or not - before making a decision of types of memberships; if any.


I have set the signup for membership to require my approval.  I decided this is necessary since as the member area grows I may need to restrict some access for the sake of confidentiality and disclosure in the situation where an existing client wants to become a member.  In the first instance I don't wish to deny membership and yet also I can see the membership restriction because the person is a client would simply mean access to what is already public.

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