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Updated: Nov 14, 2023

The morning rose with sunbeams

Whilst the clouds rushed to work.

The hues of green from the trees busied my eyes

As I sat drinking coffee.

Breakfast had called earlier,

Without much reply.

Empty tables served plates of loneliness

And I waited.

Murmurs grumbled and echoed

The sounds of yesterday.

Trees tones diminished as the clouds stilled

And my eyes now idled.

Yesterday's tomorrow rises clear and fresh

A fullness of colour accompanied the day.

Excitement pulsed and beckoned

With heart felt beating

Flowers beckoned with blossom and fragrance

Eyes excited and open

Matching hearts and souls

Giving meaning, living and being.

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15 de nov. de 2023
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Have always loved and admired your work David since the first time I interviewed you for my research - one day I will catch up with you. Till then sending you much good health, happiness and personal growth - Chris Redfern xx

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