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Speak to Me Words

Image - word collage

This was an 'in the moment' expression whilst i was preparing my workshop on 'Exploring The Client's Words in Therapy'. At the back of my mind was how criticism and bullying words as a child did hurt. Also I had in mind the chapter in Perls Hefferline and Goodman 'Verbalising and Poetry'

Speak to Me Words
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Speak To Me Words.

Words are hurtful; words are full;

Words are kind; words are empty;

Words are wounding; words are flattering;

Words are gentle; words are grating;

Words are words; words are labels.

Words label; words identify, and categorise

Words sort; words classify, and organise

Words arrange; words position, and orchestrate

Words compose, words devise, and formulate

Words convey, words express, and define

2017 David Forrest

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