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Untitled: Death is ...

Updated: Apr 24

I'm not sure I titled this. Written in 2013, finishing sentiments with my client completing therapy.

Death does not die, and does not live

We live, we die; death just . . . is

Like rain, like sunshine, death just . . . is

Death is part of our existence,

And the substance of our existence

If not for death our existence of you and me,

would not have lived.

And there is death in our parting;

In your parting from me,

In the ending of us

Not the ending of you,

not the ending of me,

the ending of us.

In our ending I feel tired

Tired to death

Death is tiring to hold

And tiring to let go of

Oh! What to do with this?

Allow death to stand beside you

Rather than you holding

Let death share living with you

Rather than you letting go.

Whilst death . . . is, life is . . . more

Life is the birth of possibilities and

Living is experiencing, testing, trying, stumbling . . .

Living is the being the possibilities.

David Forrest October 2013 Nottingham

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