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Poetry: An In The Moment Response

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This was an 'in the moment' response in my workshop on 'Exploring The Client's Words in Therapy'. This part of the workshop was exploring what the word 'poetry' evokes. I spoke of my English Literature class in school at age 16. I understood little, had no comprehension of the enthusiasm of the teacher, nor the intricasy of construction. As I frustatingly comment, I was ignorant of the meaning of a stanza!

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This writing was a spontaneous response in the workshop as I joined with the excercise of the group to write a response - what does the word Poetry evoke in you at this moment?

Since the response was spontaneous this writing was added post workshop to the notes.

The word Poetry took me back to the school classroom when we were exploring - analysing - a poem.

For clarity this hanwritten response is in text form below

Original image Poetry writing


Sitting, isolate, muffled by the sounds

Bodies fidgeting, footsteps closing,

I don’t understand what is wanted of me

I’m told of the gradually lengthening stanzas,

What the fú<k does that mean!

So I’m angry, or at least frustrated.

My heart skips not with joy

Not with anyone, only through fear

Frustration, not anger, is my fearing.

I don’t know, I don’t know

Tere’s a repeated fú<king sentence

Not acceptable, stupid boy!

Shame, failing, again, not right

Wrong, again, to be punished

P P P Poetry is P P P Punishing

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