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Mainly Gestalt Psyhotherapy related, as you might expect.  Therapy theory as well as educational and training texts that I have utilised in my clinical therapy work; in my role as lecturer in psychotherapy at several UK universities; and in the preparation and delivery of my workshops.

The content is mostly available through subscribing to this site.  This is needed as some of the material is for personal use of research and inquiry only which has originated from closed sources.  For example, quoted text from published material.  Other content includes material from my previous workshops and also assignments from when I trained.


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Social Context and Psychotherapy

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Gestalt Therapy and Developmental Theories

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Aggression, Time, and Understanding: Contributions to the Evolution of Gestalt Therapy

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The Need For Gestalt Therapy Research

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Gestalt Theory of Dependent Behaviors

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Value Of Research PGCert and Emerging Thoughts

Exploring the Client's Words in Therapy

Roots Identity Personality


Imagery and Creative Work in Therapy

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Gestalt Therapy and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: The Irony and the Challenge

Relational Group Psychotherapy the Healing of Stress Neglect and Trauma

Integrating Expressive Methods in a Relational-Psychotherapy

Beyond Empathy: Attunement and Presence

The felt sense and how it can therapeutically be mediated by photographs

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Dissociation Affect Dysregulation and Somatization

Integrating Mindfulness-Based Empirically Supported Treatments into Evidence Based Practice

Schools of Psychotherapy and the Beginnings of a Scientific Approach

Suicide and internalised relationships: A study from the perspective of psychotherapists working with suicidal patients

Intolerance of Uncertainty-Focused Treatment for Adolescents With Excessive Worry: A Pilot Feasibility Study

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Excitements Life Abilities And Risks Of Each Domain

Could you just listen

Panic Attacks

Embracing the Adolescent

Change Stability